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Sri Lanka, the country which was known as “Ceylon” in the past, produced various high quality products.

In 1998, We started manufacturing fabric bags. In 2019, we refreshed our business with a new brand name, ‘Ceylon Kings’ maintaining the quality and unique designs in all our products.

Since 2019, we started to manufacture Jewelry, using semi-precious natural gem stones. We maintain the quality of the Jewelry by checking stones one-by-one. Our team members are highly educated in science and marketing fields. We will always ensure a high customer service.

Customer will always be our top priority. Our knowledge on our products and higher customer satisfaction had been a crucial factor for us to come this far in a short period of time. 

In 2020, we have started manufacturing premium quality hand-embroidery products. They will be listed in our online store soon.

There may be similar products in the field and our products can be copied, but never be equalized.


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