Lucky Pixui Wealth Necklace Type-2

This necklace is made of natural semi-precious gemstone with a wealth attraction Pixui pendant.

  • Black Obsidian - Protection
  • Black Onyx - Overcome difficulties
  • Citrine - Stone of money
  • Amethyst - Wellbeing
  • Tiger eye - Courage and vitality
  • Hematite - Energy balance


This bracelet is strung on an elastic strand that easily slips on your wrist. The elastic strand is stretchy and will stretch like a rubber band when slipped on and off. 

  • Item Type: Necklace
  • Bead Size: 8mm stones
  • Bead Type: Natural semi-precious gemstones
  • Gender: Unisex

Package Includes

  1. Necklace
  2. Warranty card
  3. DREAM card
  4. Blessing Card
  5. Premium jewelry box
  6. Pouch

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